Who are we

Manala is a side project, led by the french web agency ELAO. We specialize in building custom made applications with critical impacts, specialists of PHP environments in particular Symfony

Our customers range from big companies with needs of critical softwares to promising start-up with big technical challenges.

Why Manala ?

Manala is born from the assessment that it’s become very difficult to keep a local environment up to date when you are working on very different projects. Modern IT projects come with a lot of complexity and several technical challenges for developers (Backend / Frontend / API / Micro-services …) with their own technical solutions (PHP, Angular, Ember, Python … )

Add to this the need to have different versions running at the same time and you have a pretty brain-teaser.

Our initial goals were:

What is this name ?

Long story short, Manalas are traditional milk breads, littleman shaped, with chocolate chips or raisins, coming from east of France and Germany. They are baked for Saint Nicholas Day.

Don’t ask why we have chosen it, as we are not sure ourselves to remember…